Helping Advance Medicine

Helping Advance Medicine

We offer mobile lab testing services from Rochester, MN servicing all of Minnesota

Clinical research is essential to every advancement in the medical field. However, hospitals and medical universities are already often overwhelmed by basic care needs. This can shelve clinical work until staff members are available. Minnesota Mobile Exams is from Rochester, MN and servicing all of Minnesota can help keep essential work going. We offer on-site, telehealth and mobile lab testing services for clinical trials. We'll travel to participants, collect samples and send them off for researchers.

Reach more people with your study. Arrange for mobile lab testing services today.

How we assist clinical studies

Vaccinations, medications and other treatments all result from rigorous testing. If you're interested in joining a clinical study, we can make this process convenient. Instead of traveling to and from appointments, we'll:

  • Come to your location for testing
  • Send off necessary samples to your trial
  • Ensure that you receive optimal care as a participant

With our testing and occupational health services, we can take care of trial participants. For more information about our clinical trial and occupational health services, speak to one of our team members today.