Employee Health Is Vitally Important

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Taking the health of your employees seriously shows them that you care. If you host a health and wellness event with our team, we'll come to your location, serve your employees and process and ship any samples that need further testing. This can help bring peace of mind to your team members without impacting their wallets. Our group rates are priced competitively and are a great option for anyone seeking on-site mobile health care.

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Host an on-site mobile health care event from Rochester, MN servicing all of Minnesota

Health and wellness are always big topics in the office. Many young professionals want testing done to better understand their health, while others could simply benefit from having easy access to care during a busy work day. One way you can help your employees is by hosting a health and wellness event with Minnesota Mobile Exams. Our events provide on-site mobile health care services to communities in Rochester, MN servicing all of Minnesota, and they cover all of the basic testing services.

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