Bringing Essential Care to Your Rochester, MN Facility Servicing All of Minnesota

We provide urine analysis, COVID-19 testing and more

People who are unable to travel comfortably or may need care outside of typical business hours still deserve effective care. That's why Minnesota Mobile Exams brings care directly to patients in Rochester, MN servicing all of Minnesota. We serve private facilities like nursing homes and can perform essential lab work like urine analysis on-site.

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Helping you address your specific needs

No matter what kind of testing or lab work you need done, we're happy to provide it. We offer:

  • Mobile lab and x-ray services - doing phlebotomy work and providing occupational services
  • QuickCare services - handling COVID-19, strep and flu testing, sports physicals, urine analysis and more
  • General services - providing testing services for nursing homes, assisted living facilities and the general population

Our on-site, telehealth and mobile QuickCare services allow us to provide for as many patients as possible. If you need to make an appointment for a sports physical, reach out to us today.

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